Kïrsten and Heather met in 2019 as round table facilitators at a conference in Palm Springs for creative entrepreneurs. They quickly discovered a kindred connection, recognizing that both had left successful careers that they had dreamt of - Kïrsten in education and Heather in advertising - to explore a new professional chapter. Through this change, they each discovered that what they ultimately wanted was something that connected to their authentic being.   


These discoveries led both of them on a journey inward where they were reintroduced to the truths of who they were, what was important to them, and the impact that they wanted to make through their work. This internal reunion has led both Heather and Kïrsten to channel the desires of their hearts and their respective professional experiences into building their own businesses, each rooted in service and assisting others as they connect to and express their radiant being.

Heather and Kïrsten are excited to bring together the work of Chapter BE and Radiate in a series of Radiant Being events as they continue their lifelong experience of learning how to live their own truths in new and meaningful ways. They hope that through this platform, they might inspire and serve both individuals as they return to their truths and live their most authentic and radiant lives.